Being first in business means taking the lead, embracing change and setting the standards in your industry. That kind of fearlessness is what makes certain companies impressively innovative and ahead of the curve.

Here's a Case Study on an organization that demonstrated this type of leadership by being the "first" record center to move their on premise RS-SQL to O'Neil Software's new cloud service - Hosted RS-SQL.

The Technology User: Professional Records Imaging Management

PRIM, based out of Fort Walton Beach, Florida and 24 years in business, provides hard copy and vault storage; file tracking and management; scanning; tape rotation; courier and destruction services. The company stores approximately 35,000 boxes and has roughly 65 clients for storage alone. Another 50 or so use other services such as scanning and destruction.


Challenge 1: Upgrade or Outsource?

PRIM had been a long time user of O'Neil's RS-SQL, the most competitively-priced software solution on the market, ensuring record center productivity and profitability. So when their aging server was in need of upgrading, they turned to O'Neil when they heard the announcement that this company's new cloud service was being developed.

"After researching the options of upgrading equipment, software and outsourcing IT support vs. remote hosting, business process outsourcing seemed like the best decision for us. It would allow us to focus on our core competency (managing our clients' records) and outsource the demands of maintaining hardware, software, staff, licensing, system upgrades and backups to the expert O'Neil support team," notes Debbie Carloni, Business Manager of PRIM.

She continues: "Utilizing O'Neil's Hosted RS-SQL, our record center is no longer faced with having to choose between obsolete software and high system upgrade costs. Updates happen automatically and are available the next time a user logs in."

"Another advantage of moving over to O'Neil's cloud service is that PRIM never has to be concerned about making backups. They are done automatically at regular intervals."

Challenge 2: Maintain Data Security, Privacy and Plan for Disaster Recovery

No business is immune to the possibility of natural or man-made disasters. However, steps can be taken to help reduce, or eliminate the potential for problems should either occur.

Debbie points out: "Maintaining data security and privacy is, of course, a huge consideration as record centers move to cloud services. Many feel that moving important data there potentially makes it less secure and more exposed to threats and attacks."

She continues: "However, O'Neil's Hosted RS-SQL provides an even more secure environment for our data, establishing a good disaster recovery strategy as well. This is particularly important to us, since we are located in a hurricane-prone region."


Challenge 3: Expand Services While Restraining Spending

Since one of the main characteristics of Hosted RS-SQL is flexibility, PRIM can now quickly access more resources, should they need to expand their record center business. Changes in demand levels can be easily and readily covered.

"Debbie notes: "Rather than having to invest in sufficient IT infrastructure and staff to cover peaks in demand, extra resources can be brought online only as they are required, further enhancing our record center's agility. We just need to let O'Neil know about a change in our requirements and they allocate the necessary resources to us. The same is true if we want to use fewer resources. Additionally, Hosted RS-SQL services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anytime and from anywhere. "

Challenge 4: Secure Unmatched Service and Support

PRIM has been using O'Neil's technology since 1992 and their experience over the years has been extremely positive.

"O'Neil's commitment to providing top-of-the-line software is evident, as the company has consistently evolved over the years as new technologies are employed. Additionally, the O'Neil support structure is simply the best I've ever experienced," Debbie cites.

"From the top down, the company exudes a culture of excellence in every area, especially in cultivating and maintaining strong customer relationships. I wouldn't even consider another technology vendor. And when we run across a problem, O'Neil's excellent support team gets it resolved the very same day - almost 100% of the time. Promises to follow-up or callback are always kept," she notes.

Debbie summarizes: "O'Neil's technology streamlines the inventory process and is extremely accurate. We don't have any lost files. Our employees are highly productive because of the automated functions of scanning, uploading and downloading. And we're able to fulfill what matters most to our clients: retrieving the document, file, or box they need, when they need it and fast."

"This also allows our small staff to focus on our other services. Clients continue to give us great feedback on our personalized and attentive customer service. This has enabled PRIM to retain customers who have been wooed by larger competitors. Once up and running, our record center has been able to provide enhanced customer service and support that rivals bigger facilities. We can now compete with larger facilities and serve markets that have been traditionally closed to us."

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