The Technology User: EvaStore Limited

Being well positioned and prepared for future growth is the earmark of a management team that is relentless about increasing revenues and ensuring a satisfied customer base.

EvaStore Limited offers a full range of document management solutions including document storage, shredding and scanning, along with associated services. Since 2003 EvaStore has serviced hundreds of accounts across the U.K. from their head office in the Midlands.


Challenge 1: Improving the Customer Experience

EvaStore recognized early on that providing exceptional customer service was critical to their future success.

According to Patrick Evans, Managing Director of EvaStore Limited, "Since the beginning, a consistent goal of our organisation has been to provide our customers with an experience second to none. We have found that utilizing oneilOrder is making it remarkably easy for customers to manage their items, place orders online, and audit boxes that are due for destruction."

"oneilOrder continues to enhance our customer's experience by providing an easy to use interface that makes searching for items as easy as any Google Search," he further added.

EvaStore also recently started offering mobile shredding options in addition to their in-house shredding facility. Mobile on-site shredding allows the business to provide a new level of satisfaction to customers wanting immediate destruction of confidential documents, all while staying in compliance with new regulations.


Challenge 2: Improving Data Security

Safely protecting customer records has always been a key component of EvaStore's services. This has become even more critical with the recent General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that became effective in 2018. The ability to protect personal information has never been more important as European citizens and the legislators are looking for the business community to protect and utilize personal information in an ethical way.

Protecting networks and databases from malicious intrusions requires a technical skill set and infrastructure that is hard to find.

Fortunately, EvaStore was able to capitalize on O'Neil Software's cloud based software solution, oneilCloud. oneilCloud is the latest innovation from O'Neil that provides a secure environment with encrypted data in the database. oneilCloud also utilizes Multi-Factor Authentication for user logins and provides 24/7 security monitoring of the database.

Additionally, oneilCloud provides built-in disaster recovery options through automatic daily backups and the ability for authorized users to access the database from anywhere. EvaStore was able to satisfy two key aspects of their business – ensure continuous access to the system which in turn provides a high level of customer service, and maintain a high degree of security for customer data in support of GDPR.


Challenge 3: Future Proofing of the Records Management Software System

EvaStore made the strategic decision to future proof their records management system which includes automatic software updates allowing them to continually capitalize on the most current functionality.

With oneilCloud, EvaStore is always on the latest version of the software and updates are scheduled in conjunction with EvaStore's operating hours to eliminate any down time for the staff or customers.

"The use of O'Neil allows us to offer an all-encompassing array of records management services to our customers which helps provide a competitive advantage in the market" according to Patrick.


The Solution

It takes many elements and skills to be successful in the records management industry and EvaStore Limited has invested in a critical component of their business, the software system that supports their operations. By going with oneilCloud, the cloud based service provided by O'Neil; they are well positioned with a proven records management system that keeps data secure at all times.

By utilizing oneilOrder, EvaStore has provided their customers with a secure, easy-to-use web-based application to manage their off-site records.

In Patrick Evans' words, "Partnering with O'Neil has been one of the best decisions we have made and we are looking forward to a bright future of expanding customers, revenue, and profits."

To learn more about EvaStore Limited and their document management solutions, please visit their website at:

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