The TC51 and TC56. Small Size. Large Impact.

The TC51/56 is the pocket-sized, touchscreen mobile device that will change the way you do business. Your staff requires rugged, reliable devices that can handle their day-to-day operations and the TC51/56 can deliver the results you need. Designed in the same form factor as modern smartphones, the TC51/56 can fit in your pocket while being able to handle the complex tasks that your business requires.




What’s Inside.

Built using the most popular mobile platform in the world, the TC51/56 leverages the benefits of Android™ to create a friendly interface that your staff will be comfortable using. With a 1.8 GHz hexa-core processor and 2GB of RAM, the TC51/56 has the computing power your staff needs to perform at maximum efficiency.




New App. New Features.

With an industry shift towards modern operating systems, comes the need for applications that make use of the latest technological benefits. With the recent introduction of oneilMobile, O’Neil Software’s mobile application for Android and iOS™, the TC51/56 is capable of features never before seen on a mobile handheld. Within the warehouse environment, staff can view more data on records, enhance their picklist processes, conduct easier location audits and search for new assignments automatically.




Consumer Looks. Business Ruggedness.

The TC51/56 was designed with long lasting durability in mind. With top tier drop and tumble specifications, the TC51/56 can handle most accidents that occur in your warehouse or on the road. With a Corning Gorilla® Glass display, cracks and scratches are a thing of the past. Additionally, the TC51/56 is able to withstand small spills ensuring that common mishaps don’t disrupt your business.




Connect Anywhere.

Whether in the warehouse or on the road, the TC51/56 is capable of connecting to your database from anywhere. Built-in WiFi allows your staff to move freely around your warehouse while processing orders without having to return to a workstation. Delivery staff can instantly update records from a customer site using the cellular enabled TC56, ensuring that your data is updated in real time.




All Day Usage.

The TC51/56 was designed with power in mind, packing the largest battery in its class, lasting 14 hours. The TC51/56 is made up of components designed to make the battery last all shift long including an ambient light sensor to automatically adjust brightness to maximize power efficiency. While built in the traditional smartphone form factor, the TC51/56 breaks from the mold to include a removable battery giving you the ability to warm swap batteries if needed.


More Information

TC51/56 Specifications
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