The CT60. Enterprise Ready.

The CT60 by Honeywell® is the latest addition to the growing lineup of oneilMobile™ devices. The CT60 is built for scan-intensive applications such as oneilCloud™ or RS-SQL® and delivers the results expected in a high volume record storage facility. Today, record centers require anywhere, anytime connectivity and the CT60 provides this with built-in 4G/LTE* access. Running the Android™ operating system, the CT60 delivers a familiar look and feel to most smartphones that your staff use on a regular basis.




What’s Inside.

Packing a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 660 processor with a 2.2GHz octa-core CPU and 3GB of RAM, the CT60 delivers the computing power necessary for high volume scanning applications. Running Android™ 7.1, the CT60 delivers a modern operating system with the security features expected in today’s workplace ensuring data remains secure and private.




New App. New Features.

With an industry shift towards modern operating systems, comes the need for applications that make use of the latest technological benefits. With the recent introduction of oneilMobile, O’Neil Software’s mobile application for Android and iOS™, the CT60 is capable of features never before seen on a mobile handheld. Within the warehouse environment, staff can view more data on records, enhance their picklist processes, conduct easier location audits and search for new assignments automatically.




Sleek yet Rugged.

The CT60 was built with consumer looks but with rugged specifications. The CT60 has an IP67 rated design that protects against dust and water and has been tested to withstand multiple 2.4m/8ft drops to concrete. Packing an 11.8cm/4.7in Corning® Gorilla® Glass sunlight-readable display, the CT60 is the perfect handheld for warehouse staff and drivers alike.




Connect Anywhere.

Whether in the warehouse or on the road, the CT60 is capable of connecting to your database from anywhere. Built-in WiFi allows your staff to move freely around your warehouse while processing orders without having to return to a workstation. Delivery staff can instantly update records from a customer site using the CT60 with 4G/LTE*, ensuring that your data is updated in real time.




All Day Usage.

Powered to last a full 12 hours, the CT60 comes standard with a 4040mAh li-Ion battery to ensure record staff can stay productive throughout the workday. Designed with a replaceable battery, the CT60 provides the option to swap batteries with ease.


More Information

CT60 Specifications
Download CT60 Datasheet (PDF)

 * Requires cellular data plan.

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