May/June 2011

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Ian Thomas

Phew... what a busy couple of months... which is my way of saying sorry for missing the May newsletter!  Now it's not uncommon that I miss out May, simply because it is typically very busy for me with travel and, of course, the PRISM International show.  Now, if you were lucky enough to be in Miami for the show, you would have seen our new show booth in all its glory... and height!!  I knew I wanted a tall booth, but I think I got feet and meters mixed up in the measurements.  Suffice to say, we had the tallest booth in the hall !!


The show was great, and it is always fun to catch up with so many of you in one place.  We had the opportunity to demonstrate the latest version of RS-SQL, as well as discuss some of our future strategies, which I will share in more detail at our Strategic Partner Conference in September (more about that below).


As always, I hope you enjoy this edition.

Ian Thomas
Vice President - Business Development  

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What's New at O'Neil

Strategic Partner Conference 2011 - Preparations are well underway

By now, I am sure you are well aware that O’Neil will host our 2011 Strategic Partner Conference at the beautiful Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort in Huntington Beach, California on Wednesday, September 14th to Friday, September 16th.


The location (“Surf City, USA”) has become a favorite of attendees and is where O’Neil held their 2007 & 2010 Strategic Partner Conference. Due to popular demand, it was selected again, offering an atmosphere that lends itself perfectly to a unique, interactive and memorable experience.



Registration is now open at:


We now have a full compliment of speakers signed up and we will be updating the conference agenda shortly.  Topics covered will include Operations, Sales, Imaging, a successful startup story, and so much more.


We will also have sessions from the technical support team, giving quick overviews of topical features found in RS-SQL, RSMobile and RSWeb.NET.  There will also be several Strategic Vendor Partner's along to chat with you about how their products and services can compliment your O'Neil Software relationship.


As this is our 30th Anniversary Celebration, we will also have a Record Center Challenge that we think will be the most fun of all... and we have had some great challenges, from racing record storage box boats to painting collaborative pictures.  You have to be at the show to take part. J


In the meantime, if you are new to O'Neil Software and not aware of the Strategic Partner Conference, you can read the previous reviews at: and don't forget to take a look at the photo galleries.


Australian Office Update

It's been a while since I last updated you on our restoration of the Australia Office, following the terrible Queensland floods earlier this year.  If you missed all the drama, you can read about it here:


The great news is that progress is now being made on getting back into our permanent office at 25 Donkin Street, South Brisbane.  The original building (Logan House) is still a long way from being fully repaired due to the extensive damage, and so we will be moving to it's sister building at Oxley House.


The plans are in place, and we are working with architects, builders and furniture suppliers to have everything complete for a move in by August 1, 2011.


Until then, we would like to continue to thank you for your patience, especially with the phone system as we are still sharing office space with our very kind accountancy firm.


Should we Allow Job Advertisements on the User Forum?

Over the years' we have been constantly told about vacancies for positions that have come up in commercial record centers around the globe.  This has always been seen as a bit of an awkward situation, as we know people want to advance their careers, but we did not feel that it is our place to communicate these positions.


This discussion has gained prominence lately, and there appears to be a growing consensus on our User Forum for us to have a place where you can post job adverts.   I am interesting in gaining a lot more comments before adding this capability, so please take a few minutes to log on to the User Forum and post your comments for or against this idea.


Customer Stories

City of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Records management is moving out of dusty back rooms and into the forefront of government agencies’ thinking, thanks to new regulations and technologies.

Here’s a case study on the City of Winnipeg, which was looking to streamline its records management services; eliminate paper-based processes and automate for greater efficiency; introduce a “self-service” capability to its clients for direct and better access to their records; and lighten the load on its record center staff.


Ian's Tweets

A selection of O'Neil Software or Industry News from Ian's Twitter Feed :

Nevada Gets New Lien Law and New California Lien Law Focus of Webinar Series

Jun 15th

Archive Systems Develops RIM Score to Highlight the Effectiveness of an Organization’s Records Management Program

Jun 14th 

Iron Mountain Boosts Dividend 33%; To Cost Added $12.5 Million Quarterly

Jun 13th

Downloaded the RIMproReport PodCast, an interview with Victor Hernandez, to listen to on my flight home from Australia

Jun 10th 

Archive Systems Expands to Provide Records Management Services to the Washington DC Metro Area

Jun 9th 

Over 4,000 barcode label orders have now been received online. Are you still using the old fax form? Try it out at

Jun 8th 

Wee Tee Hsien Appointed General Manager of CISCO Recall

Jun 8th 

Job Postings on the ONeil User Forum. Should we allow them? Join the discussion at:

Jun 3rd

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UPDATED LINK: RS-SQL Version 4.00 and 4.01 Download Page

A new link is required as we have been informed by several US States that we must record all downloads in order to ensure that, where applicable, we can prove that no sales tax need be applied.  This may also apply to some countries or other US States, in the future, so please complete the download form prior to downloading.

The previous version (4.00) and the latest version of RS-SQL 4.01 is available for download from our website at the new link, which is:


The download will be in the form of an ISO image, and instructions on how to save this to a CD are available on the Download page.  You will also be able to download the latest documentation CD.  Do remember that you will need a Username and Password in order to download the CD, so register today at if you have not already done so.


Minor Updates will continue to be made available through our User Forum.  The latest patches for the program and database updates (to version 4.01.227) are available at:

Internet Explorer 9 Update

Many of you have contacted us about the progress of ensuring RSWeb.NET's compatibility with Microsoft's latest browser software known as Internet Explorer 9.  This has become much more of an issue lately as Microsoft has pushed Internet Explorer 9 out as part of their automatic updates, so many of your clients are updating to this version. 


The good news is that all the substantial issues have now been addressed and an updated version of RSWeb.NET will be released in a new version of RS-SQL (currently known as version 4.02). 


This new release of RS-SQL and RSWeb.NET should be available within the next couple of months, and will be reviewed at our Strategic Partner Conference in September.


In the meantime, please continue to advise your clients to use Internet Explorer 8 while you prepare for the next release.   If they have installed Internet Explorer 9, it is fairly easy to uninstall and instructions can be found at:

As always, if you are unsure or require further clarification on any of the technical topics discussed... simply ASK! Remember, we are only a telephone call or email away. For our contact details, click here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before loading any service packs, check with your O'Neil support representative first. News on the effects of loading a service pack is received all of the time and they will be able to advise you of any issues.


2011 Upcoming Classroom Training Dates

July Training in Irvine, CA and Milton Keynes, UK*


Course Details:

RS-SQL® Administration — Critical Setup - July 11, 2011
RS-SQL Standard Operations — July 12-13, 2011

RSWeb.NET® — July 14-15, 2011



July Training in Brisbane, Australia*


Course Details:

RS-SQL® Administration — Critical Setup - July 25, 2011
RS-SQL Standard Operations — July 26-27, 2011

RSWeb.NET® — July 28-29, 2011



August Training in Dallas, TX and Milton Keynes, UK*


Course Details:

RS-SQL® Administration — Critical Setup - August 08, 2011
RS-SQL Standard Operations — August 09-10, 2011

RSWeb.NET® — August 11-12, 2011


Specific details for each course, such as hotel information will be made available on our user forum in the Classroom Training section


* Courses will also run in our Milton Keynes, UK office and Brisbane, Australia office based on demand


Further Training Details at:

The complete 2011 Calendar is available on our website and user forum.

Also, do remember that specific training classes not scheduled may be requested and will be offered on demand, based on an adequate number of attendees.  This means if you don't see what you want on our schedule, request something else.


Coming Soon...  A look inside the world of On-Site support and training

Over the coming months we are going to take a look inside the world of on-site support and training. You will discover, in addition to our first rate support service, we at O’Neil Software offer a wide range of on-site training services.   Anything from “New User” through to “Advanced RS-SQL Integration” training, we are available to customize our visit to match your needs. 


Our on-site specialists spend many hours examining features of the RS-SQL system, to develop implementation strategies for our customers. With the versatility of the RS-SQL software, there is always more than “one way to skin a cat.” And sometimes finding the best solution requires the focused approach of our on-site trainers, who have years of experience meeting problems with solutions.


This month we look at another question that our support team or User Forum was asked. Why not test your knowledge by seeing if you know the answer?

Question: We have clients who only store one size of box and have a price for that size, but on RSWeb they can purchase new boxes of every size I sell.  How can I restrict what they see so they can only buy supplies that I want to sell them? 


Click Here to Read the Answer...

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