January 2011

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Ian Thomas

A good friend of mine used to say that life "Ain't Ever Dull", and he is not wrong.  After a relatively quite holiday, where I was able to reflect on the past year, I returned to our first natural disaster.  You can read more about both of these topics in the What's New section below.


We also introduced a new website, are finalizing a new release (more about that next month), and have a new Customer Stories section of the Newsletter... and it's still only January!


With lots of exciting things in the pipeline it's clear that 2011 is going to be a fun year, and I shall do my very best to keep you up-to-date on all the happens through the newsletter.


And, as always, I hope you enjoy this edition of the newsletter.

Ian Thomas
Vice President - Business Development  

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What's New at O'Neil

Australia Office Flood Update

I always love it when a New Year starts with something exciting, but what happened in Australia wasn't quite what I had in mind.  For those who have not been following events, Queensland experienced the worst floods since 1974, causing over 40,000 people to evacuate their homes.  We did not come out of this unaffected as the flood waters reached to within two feet of the office ceiling, essentially destroying everything.


As soon as we were made aware of the risk, our Australian team put a contingency plan in place and evacuated with whatever they could carry to their cars.  Everything else remained, placed up high to protect it from the expected one foot of flooding.  As the flood water rose, we knew that we would not be returning to the office anytime soon, and immediately located a new [temporary] office. We were flooded on Wednesday January 12th and were established in our new accommodation the following Tuesday.


Throughout the emergency we kept all customers who usually seek support from our Australian team updated, and maintained full support services throughout. 


I want to express my most sincere thanks to the Australian team, for all their hard-work during the last week, and to all our customers who sent us their kind words and prayers.


The following email I received summed it up perfectly:


Once again I am vindicated! The O’Neil focus on customers is impeccable. Even in these dire circumstances I received an email from Alastair. Honestly, I was not surprised at that because I am fully aware of what to expect from O’Neil but it sure did reinforce my trust in O’Neil. Ian! You have one heck of a team. Tell the guys in Brisbane to stay dry!

Regards,  Ali Kazmi, Chief Operating Officer, Back Office FZ LLC, Dubai UAE



This was truly an unexpected disaster but, with everyone working together, and with such great customer support, we did not miss a beat.


If you missed all the excitement, you can read our daily Emergency Updates and see photographs at: http://www.oneilsoft.com/emergency-update

A New Year and a New Look for www.oneilsoft.com

Over the holiday period we took the opportunity to give our website a major refresh.  The way we designed it meant that we had the opportunity to improve the site without taking away any of the content.  This is our 6th iteration in 12 years, and we think its our best yet. 


The major difference you will see is in the navigation.  We added a "mega-menu" to provide you with a way to get to everything you want with only one or two clicks of the mouse.  There were many pages that were buried several clicks deep that are now just a mouse click away: whether its looking at the graphical RS-SQL Feature List or downloading the latest Classroom Training Schedule.  Just one click from the menu gets you there.


We also hope you enjoy our new "Stories" section, where we will publish a customer story every month and feature it in this newsletter. Want to be included?  Just contact our marketing manager, Christine Spisto, at: christine.spisto@oneilsoft.com


We hope you enjoy the new look of oneilsoft.com and discover something new.


Blog Update: A Global Industry Perspective

As we closed in on the end of 2010 it seemed fitting to look back at the year and reflect on some of the things that I have seen, especially in light of another difficult global economic climate. I suppose my main observation will seem obvious; that the world is not all equal, especially in the world of commercial records management. Here are a few of my observations from the different global markets

Customer Stories

DeWitt Records Management, Tamuning, Guam

Starting out in records storage/management and think you can’t afford the software that the large record centers use, for efficient and profitable operations?

Here’s a story that might just make you reconsider that notion, using O’Neil® Software’s Starter Package.

DeWitt Records Management, an International Association of Movers (IAM) member made all the right moves when the company recognized the increased revenue and profit opportunities available to them by diversifying into records storage/management and automating their operations.

Because in this business efficiency means money, John Burrows/President was looking for all the right tools: from software to handheld scanners; barcodes to “How To” Guides; 24/7 technical support to on-site, on-line and hands-on training - the same technology that the million-box record centers use around the world. And ideally he was hoping that as his business and number of users grew, there would be a package that would scale to accommodate his size. He found just that using O’Neil® Software’s Starter Package.

Ian's Tweets

A selection of O'Neil Software or Industry News from Ian's Twitter Feed :


1:30 PM Jan 19th 

Metrofile to pay first dividend http://ping.fm/mQAUM

1:28 PM Jan 19th 

Sala International Receives £11.5M Equity Investment from LDC http://ping.fm/e9GEz

8:40 AM Jan 19th 

Burlco aims to restack papers http://ping.fm/Sevax

12:09 PM Jan 18th 

Final (for now) flood update posted at: www.oneilsoft.com/emergency-update http://ping.fm/w9kAD Normal service has now resumed.

10:30 AM Jan 18th 

Iron Mountain Helps JFK Library Create Online Presidential Archive: http://ping.fm/xgrLD

7:50 AM Jan 17th 

Top 10 Emerging Technology Trends for 2011 http://ping.fm/ieWcr

10:31 AM Jan 15th 

Record Retention and Storage Podcast: http://ping.fm/pNWtb

10:28 AM Jan 15th 

Cintas Offers Tips and General Guidelines for Record Retention http://ping.fm/Gn10Z

10:27 AM Jan 15th

Cornerstone Announces Acquisition of All Star Shredding http://ping.fm/DahQw

9:27 AM Jan 13th

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Australian Support Desk Update

As explained in the "What's New" section, the Brisbane flood destroyed our support and training office, but we were quick to beat the crows and relocated to a new address in the Brisbane central business district. 


Our usual phone lines have been diverted and our mail is being collected from the same address.  There are still odd occasions where the Brisbane landlines are problematic, due to the flood damage, but overall we believe that our support services should no longer be interrupted. 


For reference, our telephone numbers are still:

   AU Support Desk:  +61 7 3255 3311
   AU Sales/Admin: +61 7 3255 1333

and our mailing address remains at:


   O'Neil Australasia Pty., Ltd.
   P.O. Box 3353
   South Brisbane BC
   Queensland, 4101

You can keep up-to-date with any changes to our contact numbers, address or any other information relating to the flood at: http://www.oneilsoft.com/emergency-update

RS-SQL Version 4.0.16 - Update Now Available

RS-SQL version 4.0.16 is now the latest update for the latest version.  If you are using RS-SQL 4.0, you should check the user forum and download these updates. 


The updates are available for download from our User Forum at:



And remember, rather than have Release Notes for every update, we simply update the primary Release Notes document.  When we place the new updates onto our website, we always post the latest release notes, removing the older version.

As always, if you are unsure or require further clarification on any of the technical topics discussed... simply ASK! Remember, we are only a telephone call or email away. For our contact details, click here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before loading any service packs, check with your O'Neil support representative first. News on the effects of loading a service pack is received all of the time and they will be able to advise you of any issues.


2011 Classroom Training Dates

February Training in Tampa, Florida


Location: Tampa, Florida

Homewood Suites by Hilton Tampa Airport - Westshore
5325 Avion Park Drive
Tampa, FL 33607

Further Details at: http://www.oneilsoft.com/forum/index.php?topic=880.0


Course Details:

RS-SQL® Administration — Critical Setup - February 07, 2011
RS-SQL Standard Operations — February 08-09,Story RS.NET® — February 10-11, 2011

Specific details for each course, such as hotel information will be made available on our user forum in the Classroom Training section


* Courses will also run in our Milton Keynes, UK office based on demand

** All Brisbane, Australia Classroom Training is cancelled until further notice due to the Queensland flood Damage

The complete 2011 Calendar is now available on our website and user forum.

Also, do remember that specific training classes not scheduled may be requested and will be offered on demand, based on an adequate number of attendees.  This means if you don't see what you want on our schedule, request something else.

This month we look at another question that our support team or User Forum was asked. Why not test your knowledge by seeing if you know the answer?

Question: I know some of my prices changed but I don't know who changed them and when.  Is this information captured anywhere?


Click Here to Read the Answer...

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