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Ian Thomas

As we reach the end of yet another year, I decided to write a short blog giving some of my observations of the industry in 2010.  It really has been a most interesting year, with the industry in different states around the globe.  Now I accept that I only get a narrow view, and so I am very interested in your views of 2010 and visions for 2011 and beyond, if you really feel like gazing into a crystal ball.  I added a new user forum post so we have a place to share thoughts, so why not logon today and share what you saw.

I am also anxious to share with you news of a new release (see Whats New below) and to update you on our 2011 classroom training schedule. 

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy holiday season and a prosperous 2011

And, as always, I hope you enjoy this edition of the newsletter.

Ian Thomas
Vice President - Business Development  

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What's New at O'Neil

Holiday Hours

There will be some minor changes to our office hours over the holiday season. Please be aware of the following:

US Office:  
   Fri, Dec. 24     8:00AM 12:00PM Office Closed. Emergency support cover only. 
   Fri, Dec. 31     8:00AM 1:00PM Office Closed. Emergency support cover only. 

UK Office:
   Fri, Dec. 24     8:00AM 4:00PM
   Mon, Dec 27    Office Closed
   Tue, Dec 28    Office Closed
   Fri, Dec 31      8:00AM 4:00PM
   Mon, Jan 03     Office Closed

Australia Office:
   Fri, Dec. 24      8:00AM 12:00PM
   Mon, Dec 27     Office Closed
   Tue, Dec 28     Office Closed
   Fri, Dec 31       8:00AM 12:00PM
   Mon, Jan 03     Office Closed

A New Year... A New Release

You may have thought that its been a bit quite lately but we have been busily working on the latest version of RS-SQL, which should be released in the first quarter of 2011. This release will include a lot of new/improved functionality, but I thought I would take this opportunity to have a sneak peak at three of my favorites that should be in the release:

Imaging: Major changes have been made to the imaging feature that was introduced with version 3.06. We have listened to the feedback from our early adopters and made changes throughout.


A major change is that, in addition to requesting images be made from documents, you will now be able to handle requests for images of filefolders or containers.


Another exciting change is that there are now two options available for image storage: the RS-SQL Database and URL (http, ftp, etc.). This allows you to store images in your RS-SQL database or to a location that can be referenced by a URL.


In RSWeb.NET, there is a new Image Express, making order of imaging requests easier and quicker.

Model Users have had a change to make them much more flexible. So what did we do? The model user attributes have been split into four separate categories: Function access (standard and web), Web settings (forms, column format groups, sort format groups, web query groups), RSWeb.NET Material List (only applies to Web users) and Account Access.

This allows you to assign a different model user to each category, or to assign a model user to some but not all of the categories. For example, I can now set up a model user for RSWeb but leave the Account Access blank. This means that I can apply a single model to all RSWeb users and only have to allocate the accounts they have access to, greatly reducing administrative setup time.

RSMobile - Automatic Alternate Code: A new feature has been added to the Item Properties dialog in RSMobile to help streamline the process of assigning Alternate Codes. In the Item Properties dialog there is now an Auto Alt Code section. If a check box is selected, any time that item type is scanned the Item Properties dialog automatically appears. You can then scan an Alternate Code. Once you have scanned an Alternate Code, the dialog automatically closes, a special distinctive beep sequence indicates that the Alt Code was automatically assigned, and you can then continue scanning additional items. This sequence will continue until you disable the Auto Alternate mode.

Screenshots and more details will follow in the January and February eNewsletter.

Website Update

Between Christmas and New Year you may notice that you are temporarily redirected to a smaller version of our website.  This is because, during that week, we are hoping to carry out some updates to make it easier for you to find the most frequently requested articles.  We hope to have everything changed quickly and look forward to your comments on the new layout.


Newsletter Poll Results

The results are in, and it appears that the eNewsletter is still your favorite form of communication from O'Neil Software.  The interesting part was that it was fairly evenly split between monthly or bi-monthly distribution, with a small majority requesting we return back to monthly.  Well, you have spoken, so from January we will revert back to a monthly newsletter, although we may opt for a slightly different format... I'm still mulling over some ideas for that. You can view the poll and join the discussion on how you would like your news delivered.


Ian's Tweets

A selection of O'Neil Software or Industry News from Ian's Twitter Feed :

Did you read the Blog post entitled A Global Industry Retrospective? Let us hear your thoughts at:

12:08 PM Dec 20th 

2011 ONeil Software Classroom Training Schedule now available for download at:

12:05 AM Dec 20th 

A Global Industry Retrospective for 2010:

11:05 AM Dec 20th 

It appears that some people didn't realise that Shredding is a "document management" service:

8:09 AM Dec 20th 

Don't leave it too late. Start the New Year with training on ONeil Software products. Details at:

3:07 PM Dec 15th 

Brambles Signals Intent to Buy IFCO Systems

8:13 AM Dec 15th 

County Receives Records Management Grant

8:12 AM Dec 15th 

Arizona Hospital Cant Find Records for 2,284 Endoscopy Patients Two Months After Loss

8:10 AM Dec 15th 

Cornerstone Records Management Announces the Acquisition of Guardian Document Storage

2:52 PM Dec 10th


12:35 PM Dec 8th

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RS-SQL Version 4.0.16 - Update Now Available

RS-SQL version 4.0.16 is now the latest update for the latest version.  If you are using RS-SQL 4.0, you should check the user forum and download these updates. 


The updates are available for download from our User Forum at:


And remember, rather than have Release Notes for every update, we simply update the primary Release Notes document.  When we place the new updates onto our website, we always post the latest release notes, removing the older version.


PDT3100 End of Support

If you read my blog in September, entitled The End of an Era... Coming Soon, then you are well prepared for a future without the PDT3100. For those who did not read the blog, in summary we announced a five-year notice for the End of Support of the device back in 2005 and the blog reminded us all of that notice.


Well time has a habit of catching up with us and, five years later, here we are. One important point that I would like to clarify is that, in the blog, I stated: we will continue to support the PDT3100 until the first major release in 2011.  Now, RS-SQL version 4.01 is due for a Q1 release, but we are not counting that as the first major release of 2011, as we had hoped to have this distributed before the end of 2010. The first major release of 2011 is likely to be around late Q2 of 2011.

If you havent replaced your PDT3100 scanners, please take the time to contact your account manager to discuss the benefits of the new Mobile Computers being offered. We still have some great promotions with Motorola but time is running out on those and we want you to gain every benefit you can.

Upgrading to Version 4.0 - Seek the path of least resistance.

If you are planning to upgrade to RS-SQL 4.00, it is obviously a lot easier if you stay current with your upgrades.  If not, it can be daunting process, especially as we add so many great new features in each release.  But don't worry, we are here to help.


Before commencing an upgrade, first call your regional support desk, especially if you are on RS-SQL version 3.02 or older.  The support team will work with you to develop an upgrade path, ensuring your infrastructure and operating systems meet the requirements so you have a successful upgrade.


And always remember, the more current you are; the shorter the path will be, so it's a great idea to try to stay as up to date as possible with our releases. 


As always, if you are unsure or require further clarification on any of the technical topics discussed... simply ASK! Remember, we are only a telephone call or email away. For our contact details, click here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before loading any service packs, check with your O'Neil support representative first. News on the effects of loading a service pack is received all of the time and they will be able to advise you of any issues.


2011 Classroom Training Dates

The first training courses scheduled for the classroom in 2011 are:

Irvine, California, Milton Keynes, UK*  & Brisbane, AU*

RS-SQL Administration Critical Setup - January 10, 2011
RS-SQL Standard Operations January 11 - 12, 2011
RSWeb.NET January 13 - 14, 2011
Specific details for each course, such as hotel information will be made available on our user forum in the Classroom Training section

* Courses will run base on demand

The complete 2011 Calendar is now available on our website and user forum.

Also, do remember that specific training classes not scheduled may be requested and will be offered on demand, based on an adequate number of attendees.  This means if you don't see what you want on our schedule, request something else.

This month we look at another question that our support team or User Forum was asked. Why not test your knowledge by seeing if you know the answer?

Question: I am carrying out a large move of boxes and dont want to record all the activity, as I dont plan to bill customers for this. Can I turn off the activity recording for non-billable activity, such as moves?


Click Here to Read the Answer...

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