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Ian ThomasMany of you have emailed me to say that you had noticed that the eNewsletter had moved to a bi-monthly edition rather than monthly.  It just shows that I can't get much past you these days!  The reason for the change is simply down to how news is delivered today.  Rather than waiting for monthly newsletters, more and more of you visit our User Forum, follow us on Twitter, Friend/Like us on Facebook, and keep updated via Linked-in.    There is also an RSS feed for my blog, although I have to confess that I have been a bit slow on updating that lately, so I shall try to improve.


The point, of course, is that you want daily, bite-size updates rather than long bulletins to keep you updated and I am simply responding to that demand... but do let me know if you miss your monthly eNewsletter..  There is always more than enough news happening in the industry and at O'Neil Software to reinstate this to a monthly delivery, if that is what is requested.  Simply go to our User Forum and you can take part in a poll and join the discussion on how you would like your news delivered.


As always, I hope you enjoy this edition of the newsletter.

Ian Thomas
Vice President - Business Development  

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What's New at O'Neil

RS-SQL Statistics was a huge success!

If you didn't take part in the RS-SQL Statistics project, then you missed out on a great opportunity to be a part of something new and exciting.  We especially want to thank the nearly 60 worldwide clients who participated in RS-SQL Statistics. All of the custom reports have been distributed and the feedback on the information obtained and the peer group comparisons has been exceptional.

We have received numerous suggestions for enhancements and will be reviewing those suggestions for the next iterations. Our hope is to run this program for you twice a year which will give you trends regarding the direction of your business. Trends and peer comparisons are invaluable information and we hope there will be even more participants next time.

So was this worthwhile? Just one of the feedback comments was:


I presented our numbers to the board and they all found the comparisons very interesting and very useful.  Thanks for all your work on this.  Jez Tibbetts,  Saracen Datastore Ltd

We will keep you updated on the next phase of the project, or you can read more about it at     


Ian's Tweets

A selection of O'Neil Software or Industry News from Ian's Twitter Feed :

2010 Data Breach Report From Verizon Business, U.S. Secret Service Offers New Cybercrime Insights

9:03 AM Aug 13th 

Cornerstone Records Management, LLC announced the acquisition of Rochester Data Storage Center, Inc.

9:02 AM Aug 13th 

O'Neil Software Support & Training Positions available in Irvine, CA:

3:04 PM Aug 9th 

Iron Mountain Appoints New Head of Worldwide Sales

12:32 PM Aug 9th 

Media Services launches Records Management Consulting Services

1:54 PM Aug 5th 

O'Neil Software's RS-SQL Version 4.0 has an update (4.0.13) which is available for download at:

8:13 AM Aug 5th 

Wisconsin Company Says Red Flag Rules Should Help Prevent Security Breaches

8:10 AM Aug 5th 

NOVA Records Builds Growth Strategy in State

8:09 AM Aug 5th 

Access Announces the Appointment of Lariza Stringfellow to Director of Information Systems and Training

8:05 AM Aug 5th

RIMProReport features O'Neil Users in four of it's first five interviews!!

1:42 PM Jul 26th

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RS-SQL Version 4.0.13 - Update Now Available

RS-SQL version 4.0.13 is now the latest update for the latest version.  Released on May 21st, this update builds on feedback from our users.  If you are using RS-SQL 4.0, you should check the user forum and download these updates. 


The updates are available for download from our User Forum at:


And remember, rather than have Release Notes for every update, we simply update the primary Release Notes document.  When we place the new updates onto our website, we always post the latest release notes, removing the older version.

RS-SQL 4.0 Available for Download

Many of you have asked us to make available the RS-SQL CD for download.  We understand how this can speed things up, should you misplace your CD or require another, and so we have put this in place.  It is important to note that this is an ISO image of the CD.


This is the full release of RS-SQL v4.0. After selecting the link below you may be prompted to supply your user name and password again, for verification purposes.


The CD is available at:


After downloading the latest RS-SQL Release .ISO image file from O'Neil Software pdf Click Here for instructions on extracting the ISO image to a CD/DVD.


This download is over 600MB in size and could take up to an hour or longer to download, depending on your line speed. In addition to this release you should also download all the latest RS-SQL patches and upgrade notes at:


Congratulations & Good Luck to Lariza Stringfellow

Many of you will have read from our news, or heard from our team members, that Lariza Stringfellow has taken up a new position with one of our customers.  Lariza has provided support services to O'Neil customers around the globe for more than 13 years and is well known by so many of you.  It is always sad to see someone leave, but we understand that after such a long time, many people need a new challenge. 


I would like to pass on my personal best wishes and those of the whole O'Neil Software team to Lariza who we all know will do a fabulous job in her new role.

As always, if you are unsure or require further clarification on any of the technical topics discussed... simply ASK! Remember, we are only a telephone call or email away. For our contact details, click here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before loading any service packs, check with your O'Neil support representative first. News on the effects of loading a service pack is received all of the time and they will be able to advise you of any issues.


2010 Classroom Training Dates

The next training courses scheduled for the classroom in 2010 are:

Mumbai, India* and Dallas, Texas*

Sept 13      RS-SQL Administration - Critical Setup
Sept 14-15  RS-SQL Standard Operations
Sept 16-17  RSWeb.NET

*Specific details for each course, such as hotel information will be made available on our user forum in the Classroom Training section

The complete 2010 Calendar is available on our website and user forum.

Also, do remember that specific training classes not scheduled may be requested and will be offered on demand, based on an adequate number of attendees.  This means if you don't see what you want on our schedule, request something else.

This month we look at another question that our support team or User Forum was asked. Why not test your knowledge by seeing if you know the answer?

Question: We are attempting to do open file storage and I was wondering what you all have tried. At present we are renting out/charging customers for every 10 Linear inches that their documents occupy.

Does any one have on how best to tackle this?


Click Here to Read the Answer...

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