The Motorola MC9590-K is a highly rugged mobile computing solution that delivers the versatile data capture, real-time wireless communications and industry standard mobility platform required for mission-critical enterprise applications, such as record storage & management, inside and outside the four walls.

The new MC9590-K is the latest members of the Motorola MC9500 family of rugged mobile computing solutions. It runs the latest Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system and is fully compatible with our RSMobile software. For complete communications, the MC9596-K can be used outside the four walls on the AT&T Wireless Data Network.


Superior Ruggedness

The MC9590-K has been designed from the ground up for enhanced ruggedness, to deliver reliable operation in harsh environments. Able to withstand multiple 6-foot drops (1.8 meters) to concrete across the entire temperature range, the devices have an IP64 rating to seal the critical electronics enclosure, display, and keypad against dust and moisture. Motorola's industry-first 2,000 x 1 meter tumble spec - equivalent to 4,000 x 1 meter drops - is the most significant indication of these products' ability to endure everyday use and abuse.

Common Platform Results in Increased Efficiencies

The MC9590-K are all based on the same high performance architecture and modular design. Three distinct and rugged form factors address a wide range of applications across an enterprise. This commonality results in the following efficiencies: application development on a common platform; user training; serviceability; and accessories and peripherals that can be shared.

The Right Configuration for the Application

The common, modular architecture allows us to provide a rich portfolio of configurations, with combinations of operating systems, displays, radios, advanced data capture options, keypads, and memory - across the three distinct form factors.

Power Management

Advances in system-level power management combined with high capacity batteries results in battery life that typically exceeds full-shift usage. This makes users more productive, reduces the need for spare batteries, and prolongs the need for replacement batteries.mc9500-middle

User Access